#9: An Explanation

December 21, 2010

#9: Learn to calm down/relax/meditate

Why did I add this to my list?  Because conversations like this happen:

Day 1:
Me:  I think I know what you got me for Christmas.
Shannon:  Oh yeah?  What is it?
Me:  I’m not going to say.
Shannon:  If you know what it is, just tell me.
Me:  No!
Shannon: Just tell me what you think it is.
Me: No!
*I leave the room unable to con Shannon into letting me open my present*

Day 2:
Me:  Shannon?  Can I open my Christmas present?
Shannon:  No.
Me:  But I want to.
Shannon:  No.
Me:  Please?  What’s the big deal?
Shannon:  No.
*I shockingly! don’t get to open my present*

Day 2, An Hour Later:
Me:  Shannon? Can  I open my Christmas present?
Shannon:  Sure.
Me:  Really?  Are you going to open yours??
Shannon:  No.
Me:  Whaaaaat?
*I sadly still don’t open my present*

That should pretty much sum it up.

Oh, also, I may or may not have a bit of a short fuse.


#21: An Explanation

December 15, 2010

#21: Read 30 books (10 books I should have read in high school but didn’t, 10 books collecting dust on my bookshelf and 10 books purely from recommendations)

Why did I add this to my list?

1.  I love reading.  I don’t make time for it.  It’s a great stress reliever.  Hopefully it will help with #9.

2.  I had an English teacher in high school that got really behind in her lesson plan.  (If I remember correctly, she had good reason).  She ended up cutting some books from our semester.  10 years later, I wish I had gotten to read those books.  Also, I feel like I miss out on a lot of some pretty common literary references.  It makes me feel like a dummy.

3.  I have too many books and I’ve read too few of them.  It’s hard to justify buying more books, but I’ll keep doing it anyways.  Also, there are some pretty cool books in my collection.

4.  People who read more than I do always know about the coolest books.  One such person recommended Devil in the White City to me.  After I read it, I found out everyone and their dog already knew about it.  Seriously, how do people stay on top of info like this?  Nevermind, that’s a topic for another blog.  Not mine though, because I don’t have the answer obviously.