#9: An Explanation

December 21, 2010

#9: Learn to calm down/relax/meditate

Why did I add this to my list?  Because conversations like this happen:

Day 1:
Me:  I think I know what you got me for Christmas.
Shannon:  Oh yeah?  What is it?
Me:  I’m not going to say.
Shannon:  If you know what it is, just tell me.
Me:  No!
Shannon: Just tell me what you think it is.
Me: No!
*I leave the room unable to con Shannon into letting me open my present*

Day 2:
Me:  Shannon?  Can I open my Christmas present?
Shannon:  No.
Me:  But I want to.
Shannon:  No.
Me:  Please?  What’s the big deal?
Shannon:  No.
*I shockingly! don’t get to open my present*

Day 2, An Hour Later:
Me:  Shannon? Can  I open my Christmas present?
Shannon:  Sure.
Me:  Really?  Are you going to open yours??
Shannon:  No.
Me:  Whaaaaat?
*I sadly still don’t open my present*

That should pretty much sum it up.

Oh, also, I may or may not have a bit of a short fuse.